Meeting at 12 noon every Monday
at the Keene Country Club
On West Hill Road, Keene, New Hampshire


the guiding philosophy of rotarians
world-wide is

The Four-Way Test

First . . .
          Is it the Truth?

Second …
Is it Fair to all concerned?

Third …
Will it Build Goodwill and Better Friendships?

Fourth …
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

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The Rotary Club of Keene held the 38th annual Winter Event Friday evening, January 25th, at the Keene Country Club, Keene, New Hampshire.  The drawing held at the event is conducted under the auspices of Oster & Wheeler, PC accounting firm.  

The winners were:     

$5,000 - Elliot Rowsey

$ 1,000 - Nate Chaffee, John Theriault, and Frank Mazzola                        

 $ 500 - Robert and Christine Furlone, Perry Davis, Jon and Betty LeClair and Tyler Brnger


$ 300 - Jay Kahn, Interact Class of 2021, Anna Bradshaw, Mitch and Riki Greenwald,  Mr & Mrs Stephen Legere and John and Antonia Dinkel

 $ 150 - Connie Joyce, Scott Stone, Jack Curtiss, Linda Hakala, Sylvia Blanchard, Jane Freund, Bill Edwards, Molly Lane, Elaine Lane and Jane Johnson.

 Congratulations to all!